This is a list with the following elements:



A list with the three elements described above.


`umis` - a matrix, containing ~1.5K metacells (rows), and for each one, the UMI count (# of detected RNA molecules) for each of ~600 different "feature" genes (columns).

`types` - a vector of cell type names assigned to each metacell using a supervised analysis pipeline.

`umap` - a matrix with 2 columns containing 2D UMAP x,y coordinates for each metacell.


data(pbmc) fractions <- pbmc$umis / rowSums(pbmc$umis) log_fractions <- log2(fractions + 1e-5) type_colors <- chameleon::data_colors(log_fractions, group=pbmc$types) plot(pbmc$umap, col=type_colors[pbmc$types], pch=19, cex=0.6)
legend('topleft', legend=names(type_colors), col=type_colors, lty=1, lwd=3, cex=0.8)