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MCView creates a shiny-app facilitating interactive exploration and annotation of metacell models. Metacell itself is described here. You can also explore an example of MCV output for Mouse organogenesis on the Tanay group server.


Install the latest github release:

remotes::install_github("tanaylab/MCView", ref = remotes::github_release())

Or install the development version:



See the vignette.


Initialize a new project:


Import a dataset:

MCView::import_dataset(project = "PBMC", 
               dataset = "PBMC163k", 
               anndata_file = "raw/metacells.h5ad")

Note: since version 0.2.7, MCView only supports files that were generated by the new metacells version (>= 0.9). If you have an old file, you can convert it using this script.

Run the app:

You can run the app from R using:

MCView::run_app("PBMC", launch.browser = TRUE)

Or from shell:

Rscript start_app.R PBMC