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Update metadata colors for a dataset


update_metadata_colors(project, dataset, metadata_colors, overwrite = FALSE)



path to the project


name for the dataset, e.g. "PBMC". The name of the dataset can only contain alphanumeric characters, dots, dashes and underscores.


a named list with colors for each metadata column, or a name of a yaml file with such list. For numerical metadata columns, colors should be given as a list where the first element is a vector of colors and the second element is a vector of breaks.
Note that in case the breaks are out of the range of the metadata values, the colors would be used for the minimum and maximum values.
If only colors are given breaks would be implicitly determined from the minimum and maximum of the metadata field.
For categorical metadata columns, color can be given either as a named vector where names are the categories and the values are the colors, or as a named list where the first element named 'colors' holds the colors, and the second element called 'categories' holds the categories.


overwrite all existing colors. If FALSE - would override only the colors of existing metadata fields.